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GHOSTA-PL-003 Ultra Slim Bi-Color Dimmable Studio LED Panel Light

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GHOSTA-PL-003 Ultra Slim Bi-Color Dimmable Studio LED Panel Light


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• 17-inch LED panel light for Video Camera: Advanced soft light board design, makes the light is softer and no harsh to eyes, ideal for portrait shooting.

• High Color Rendering Index: With CRI up to 95+, you could shoot photos or videos as real color as you see.

• Dimmable Brightness: You can adjust the brightness between 0-100% by 1% according to the shooting environment.

• Dimmable Color Temperature: With 288pcs Bi-Color LED beads (144pcs White and 144pcs Yellow), the color temperature can be adjusted from 3200K to 5600K steplessly by a separate dimmer knob;

• Digital LCD display: The camera light comes with a digital LCD display, it shows clearly about the information of brightness, color temperature and even the battery power information intuitively.

Package Included:

1 x LED Video Light

1 x AC power adapter

1 x Hot-shoe Mount

1 x English User Manual

1 x Warranty Card


Limit to 1 per order.


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